Childcare Centres, Kindergartens and Pre-Schools
Looking for opportunities for active, imaginative play? Start with a standard kit and set it up in a different way each week.  Children will love crawling through the tunnels, poking their heads out through the holes and generally making up their own games.  Too see what that might look like, check out the blog post from our C & K demonstration day!
You can even show children how a nut and bolt work, and have them help with the building and packing away.
Short on space? The kits pack away flat for easy storage.

Primary Schools
Do you have a “construction corner” in your classroom?
Each kit comes with diagrams or images of different designs.  Have a group of students construct one together, working from a diagram.  Doing so will require problem solving, communication and teamwork. Your students won’t know that though – they’ll be too engaged in what they’re doing to realise they’re learning!

Teaching geometry? Use the kits to create activities and discussions about

  • angles – right, acute, obtuse
  • properties of 3D shapes – edges, faces, vertices
  • area, surface area, volume

Create the net of a 3D shape by connecting parts on the floor, then fold them up and bolt them together.  It’s engaging, interactive learning.

Check out our icosahedron (20 sided shape) build below!

STEM Programs
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a key focus for many school programs.  Students can learn basic construction concepts – fasteners, hinges, angles, stability, bracing – with the standard kits. Then, extend this by setting challenges which require students to design, create and connect other custom parts out of recycled/re-used cardboard.

How to Order

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