We purchased a kit for our kindergarten room and the children were so excited to help create their new “cubby”. We all had a look at the design suggestions and the children chose to make the design that looked like a rocket ship. They helped put in the bolts and attach each piece. As soon as we were done we had all 17 children in and around the cubby, exploring all the nooks and crannies. We heard squeals of delight and lots of giggling as their faces appeared in the holes and out the top of the rocket. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the boxes have held up with daily use. Each day we add different activities inside and the children also add other toys to follow their interests. We love that the box can be decorated and the size is perfect for children (and teachers) to crawl through. With a little imagination, our kit has been a bus, a car, a rocket, a train and a volcano!

Jenna Fishburn
C&K Walker Street Community Childcare Centre, Bundaberg

A week at home with 3 sick kids sounds like a disaster. On top of that we can’t leave the house while we wait for COVID tests to come back. Box ‘n’ Bolt Constructions saved my sanity and had my 3 kids playing non stop in imaginative play. Away from screens and using their problem solving skills, working as a team, role playing, conceptual thinking and even worked on their finger strength and coordination as they quickly put the bolts together in a multitude of ways.

When they were exhausted from all the active play their boxes doubled up as a resting place with their pillows and soft toys.

Renee Artup

We attended the “Romp in the Park event” last week in Rockhampton and were lucky enough to take along and showcase the “Box n Bolt” construction at the front of our Southern Cross Family Day Care stall. It was a huge hit for the children and there wasn’t a time during the event where there wasn’t anybody in it. There 1,980+ people through this event and no matter how much pressure the boxes were put under, they stood strong! We had hundreds of children through the boxes ages from 1 to 8 years, they truly withstood the challenge, I am extremely impressed!

Nicole Hall
Southern Cross Family Day Care