How it Works

Time to Build!

To make your cardboard construction, you’ll need to connect the boxes.  To do this, line up the pre-cut holes on the pieces you want to connect.  Push a bolt through from one side and thread the nut on from the other.

Note: You may need to help each other – one person inside a box, and one on the outside – but that’s half the fun!

For complete building instructions, download our Construction Kit Information Brochure.  For a brief overview, see the pictures below.

Tall Tunnel Connections (Build a Base)

Take two Tall Tunnel pieces, open them out and lay them on their sides.  Line up the holes on the tabs of one box with the holes on another and bolt them together.  Add more tall tunnels to make a network of 3, 4 or more tunnels.

End to End Connections

To make longer tunnels, connect boxes end to end. If connecting the tabbed ends, arrange the boxes as shown and bolt the tabs from each of the boxes together.  A panel connector can be added across the top as shown if desired.

If connecting non-tabbed ends together, use panel connectors on each side. Again, you can put one across the top too if you want to.

Build the Base

By connecting Tunnels, build a base of 3, 4 or more tunnels.

Build a Tower

Take a Triangular Tower strip and bolt it to itself. Then bolt it onto a three tunnel base. Lastly, add Triangular Door components to the tower to create a pyramid top.

For a four tunnel base, use the Square Tower component but again build the tower with triangular doors.


Doors can be attached on any opening. For openings without tabs, attached Hinged Doors. For openings with tabs, use Unhinged Doors (the squares with four holes).

Doors can also be connected to the side holes on a tall tunnel, creating a side opening door, or to the top holes, creating a door that naturally falls closed. On top of a tower, door panels create a trapdoor.