Where are Box 'n' Bolt Constructions products manufactured?

All Box ‘n’ Bolt Construction products are proudly manufactured in Queensland, Australia.

How sturdy are the kits?

We know kids can be rough! So, we use heavy duty cardboard for all of our kit components. We’ve had as many as sixteen 3 – 5 year olds playing in a full kit at one of our childcare centre demonstration days.  If it can hold up to that sort of punishment, you can be confident that it will last!

Can I buy replacement parts?

We have cardboard replacement packs available for all of our kits.  So, if some parts do wear out, you can refresh the kit.  Replacement packs include all of the cardboard parts that came with the original kit, as well as a few extra bolts in case some have gone missing.

Sanitising - COVID-19

If sanitising kits between uses is important, we suggest a light misting spray with a product such as Glen 20. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (www.tga.gov.au) lists a number of products that are effective in disinfecting surfaces against bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19.

Note: Current research suggests that COVID-19 lasts no longer than 24 hours on cardboard surfaces.

Can I use the kits outside?

Box ‘n’ Bolt construction kits are designed for predominantly indoor use.  They are, however, robust enough for outdoor use on level surfaces.  All nuts and bolts are produced using UV stabilised plastics, so they won’t deteriorate in the sun.

Are the kits safe to use?

The kits are safe to use, but some care is required.

  • The kits are not designed to be climbed on. Children can crawl through the tunnels and stand up in the towers, but should not climb over the top of the box tunnels.
  • Children should also be mindful around carboard edges (ouch, papercut!), and keep cardboard parts away from water, open flames and heat sources.
  • When your kit arrives, some of the parts will contain small cardboard discs (20mm diameter) that need to be popped out.  These may pose a choking hazard to younger children, and should be collected and removed.

Can children climb on their constructions?

While our products are built from heavy duty cardboard, they are not designed to be climbed on.  Adult supervision is recommended.