C & K Demonstration Day

30/3 – One of our wonderful parents has designed a play system for children that allows them to attach boxes together with bolts in a variety of designs. Our centre has purchased a pack and the children have absolutely LOVED making their new cubby house! These are just some of the photos we took when we were looking at a demonstration kit and the children’s faces say it all.  They explored every nook and cranny and the favourite areas seemed to be the “rocket ship” and all of the small holes that they could poke their faces through.

31/3 – The children have been eager to get our boxes out again so this time we made a different design by following the instructions on the paper. Each child got to screw on their bolt and they decided to push out all of the circle pieces and add them to the top as a steering wheel. We even spoke about having a camping day and resting in the boxes as the children were pretending to sleep inside.